From the recording Vague Positivity


Verse 1
On the sixth day of September // Eighteen sixty-nine,
Those miners all then got a call // To go work in the mine;
But little did they think that (day) // That death would soon prevail
Before they would return again // From the mines of Avondale.
Verse 2
The women and their children // Their hearts were filled with joy,
To see their men go to their work // Likewise every boy;
But a dismal sight in broad daylight // Soon made them turn pale,
When they saw the breaker burning // O'er the mines of Avondale.
Verse 3
From here and there, and everywhere // They gathered in a crowd,
Some tearing off their clothes and hair // And crying out aloud-
"Get out our husbands and our sons // Death He's going to steal
Their lives away without delay // In the mines of Avondale."